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 Creighton Turnbull

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"If there's one thing in life that's true, it's that I have a round reserved for a special someone, and I know it's going to be going home soon, just you wait and see." 

II. Biographical Data

Name: Creighton Turnbull
Alias(es): The Bull.
Nickname: Sometimes people shorten his name to 'CT', or just call him Turnbull.
Age: Forty-two (42). 
Gender: Male.
Species: Human.
Birth Date & Place: Fifth day, of the seventh month - 2,435 BBY, Galactic City Hospital 1457i
Special Characteristics: While Creighton is cocky and very sure of himself, he knows his limits and knows that sometimes a shot just can't be made. But he does however have a small weakness for gambling and is prone to trying to prove himself wrong in the pursuit of money. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he just doesn't. 

III. Physical

Height: Six foot, three inches (6'3) - 190.5 cm.
Hair Color & Style: His style of hair is dependant on the situation at hand, for the most part he is likely has it cut short for ease. But since his hair does happen to grow rather fast, he regularly get it's cut. 
Eye Color & Shape: He has a dark shade of hazel.
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned, White. 
Build: Creighton has a military build, which is especially athletic. He weighs nearly one hundred and eighty pound, and has considerable muscle mass. 
Physical Ability & Limits: His time spent as in Recon has allowed himself almost limitless sprinting ability, assuming of course he isn't carrying sixty pounds of equipment of his back that is. When he was in the Army he was a part-time boxer and as a result is no stranger to the ins and outs of hand to hand combat.  
Physical Illness/Ailment: His left arm is fractured in several places and is almost ready to fall off. The only reason it hasn't is shear luck, and what medical knowhow Creighton has. 
Clothing Style: Depends on the occasion, and the mission on hand. Sometimes you need to look smart, some times you need the ability to move freely. Creighton knows this all too well. 
Distinguishing Features: 
Voice: Creighton has a deep and rough Britannic accent, which he got from his parents, who were of a  

IV. Mental

Basic Alignment: While he may hate everything to do with them, and thinks that everything they touch they end up breaking. He is still a Republic citizen at heart, he simply can't ignore his history. Doesn't mean he'll be very happy about it though.
Goal(s): He wants to do two things in life before he can safely retire. First would be to place a special round in a special someone, so that he can sleep soundly at night. Second would be to actually retire proper. He may not be serving officially any more, but in his mind he can't say that's true until his mission is over. 
Objective: Right now he is trying to track down 'Lazarus', while also taking several side jobs to get the credits rolling in. Otherwise he'd be sleeping on his ass, with out a roof over his head. Which is something he doesn't really want to experience again. 
Defining Characteristics: Creighton is a sucker for helping those who can't help themselves, and will go out of his way to make sure that person is safe. He however only does this if they ask for his help, if he did this to every person who walked on by, he wouldn't have the kind of reputation that he desires. It's easy to consider him brutal and his means ineffective, but for the most part Creighton doesn't want to actually kill more people to solve a wrong, and will try his best to minimize casualties by some manner. 

That doesn't mean he's not willing to do that, he just doesn't want to. Being wanted for mass murder is not something you want in life, atleast 'mass assault' and 'intent to harm' is enough for him. Creighton himself isn't really sure where this comes from, since he didn't exactly wake up one day and decide not to kill people all the time. 

Templayer, leader, friend. These are not words that he all that fond of, and would prefer not to be associated with them. He's a lone wolf, very rarely working with someone else. They just get in the way, which is bad for business since you then have to half the credits. Which is something else is doesn't like. 
Likes: He has a myriad of likes to list them all would take some times, his 'dominant likes' would be food and money. 
Dislikes: Basically everything. 
Hopes & Desires: He hopes that one day he can hang up his rifle and just live a normal life. 
Fears & Phobias: Creighton has a surprisingly large amount of fears, the most prominent being a fear of creepy little insects. 
Dirty Secret: Let's just say yes. 
Attitudes Toward:
-Others: Creighton is skeptical of new people, and prefers that he only converse with people he knows. For this reason he gets his contracts from a set of trusted contacts from around the local sector. 
-Homeland: Nobody likes Coruscant...

V. Social

Status: Staff Sergeant, Republic Army (Ret.) - Middle Class. 
Political Alignment: Honestly he couldn't care less who's in charge, as long as someone keeps some resemblance to order. 
Marital Status: Single, though he has an on and off relationship with a woman he doesn't even know the name off. 
Family: Father: Collin Turnball.
Mother: Susan Turnball.
Brother: Michael Turnball. 
Hobbies: He enjoys living for one, on top of that enjoys keeping fit, making sure his rifle is in prime condition and making sure he's making the world a little less of a shit hole. 
Languages: Creighton only speaks Galactic Standard Basic, he never bothered to actually learn any other languages. 
Literacy: Galactic Standard Basic.

VI. Powers & Abilities

Talents & Skills: Expert Sniper, courtesy of five years in Recon. Survivor, somehow or another he just keeps on surviving. Small pockets, he had the amazing ability to lose money all the time. 
Force Abilities: N/A

VII. Background


Childhood - Teenage

Creighton was born on Coruscant, his parents being veterans of the Republic-Markli War. His father had been an officer in the supply corps, while his mother served as a senior officer on-board the Republic warship Vengeance. After the war both of them retired due to the cuts imposed on the Republic military because of the Markli Concordat. This left them being rather resentful of the Republic's ability to lead, which would later brush onto Creighton.

For the most part Creighton's childhood was uneventful, he lived his life as he did, and went to school like most kids did. He was thankful to have parents that actually paid there way through life, instead of free loading like many other did. This meant he actually learned valuable life lessons, well one can say he did. Whether he actually did, or didn't is still up for debate. 

When he joined High school he made a reputation for himself as the kid that sticks up for those who couldn't. This of course meant that he often got into fights with other students because they were bullies, something his parents did not approve of. This tuck a turn for the worse when one time he got into a fight with another student over someone's launch money, which resulted in Creighton getting stabbed in his lower abdomen later that day.

He was rushed to hospital, but due to a lack of insurance, his parents were forced to use his Collage fund to fund the operation that would save his life. As a result several years later when it came to the point where he would of signed up for collage he was unable to, even though he had grades worthy enough for a scholarship, his record was far from stainless.

With little to no other options left he decided that there was maybe one last option before he gave up, join the Republic Army. Due to their previous resentment of the Republic due to the Concordat, they did not want their son signing up to get himself killed. But he simply ignored there demands and wishes and a week after graduating he signed up for the Army.


As soon as he had entered the Enrolment office he already knew what had wanted to be. He wanted to be a Sniper, because who didn't? They were considered some of the best of the best, they were the glory hounds of the Army that could say that with a smile on their face. He wanted to be able to say that he was indeed a Sniper in the Republic Army, hell even one day join the 121st Recon Unit.

Of course the recruiter he talked to wasn't exactly the greatest man in the world, and instead signed him up a plain old solider. Why? Who knew, but that's what he ended up as. He then went onto spend six months at boot camp learning the ins and outs of being a solider with in the Republic. He then went on to further specialize in Marksmanship, thanks to a favour from his CO.

After eight months of training he graduated with honours, at the rank of Private First Class. His first unit was the 765th Advanced Warfare Division, which contrary to it's name was very far from Advanced anything. The Unit was used a dumping ground for soldiers who didn't excel in any field, or were just trouble makers to start with. In other words any one who was in the 765th was expendable. Creighton 'earned' his place in this unit after he found out during training that one of the Lieutenants was using his position as a office to gain certain 'special treatments' from the female recruits. Needless to say that considering the injuries that were inflicted by Creighton, getting thrown into the 765th was divine intervention.

Since it had been several decades since the actual war between the Dominion and the Republic, and the resulting down sizing of the Republic Military there was much for a man to do nowadays, apart from to play peace keeper on some godforsaken hell hole of a planet that just didn't know when to accept defeat. Deployments such as these were what the 'Expendables' excelled at, since the point of them was to die, a horrible horrible death for no meaningful gain.

Some how Creighton actually managed to survive the hell that was the 765th, serving with the unit for nearly a decade. By that time he had earned the rank of Sergeant and was on his way to another promotion and if he played his cards right, he would finally get a transfer away from the 'Advanced Warfare Division'. That was of course, if he didn't have an asshole for a commanding officer, which of course he did. There was one thing he had running for him, he was friends which one the higher ups, a Lt. Col Alan.

Who was of course far higher in rank than his own CO, which meant he could be circumvented for a transfer. While he did eventually get his transfer, he had to do a few things he wasn't all that proud of doing to actually get it. He was told to run certain packages too and from different bases, which he suspected were of a drug related issue. But he was driven for that transfer and didn't care what he was moving, as long as he got what he wanted.

His new unit was quite surprising, in that it was in fact a Scout Sniper battalion. He had expected to of gotten transferred to a 'real' infantry unit, only to instead get half way to becoming a member of Recon. Sometimes you've gotta move some drugs to get your way, it seemed.

Considering the fact that Creighton wasn't actually a trained sniper, he would of course have to be certified as one. Which was easily done since hadn't stopped shooting with a rifle since he joined the 765th, he was just hard to find spare time to do such. A few weeks later he was officially a Sniper in the 723rd Scout Sniper Battalion, which considering how battle honoured the unit was made it a great transfer. 


The Two Day Rebellion

Current Events.

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* Cretan Turnball.

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