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 [Galaxy-Affecting Plot, Coruscant] Meeting of the Galactic Senate

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[Galaxy-Affecting Plot, Coruscant] Meeting of the Galactic Senate Empty
PostSubject: [Galaxy-Affecting Plot, Coruscant] Meeting of the Galactic Senate   [Galaxy-Affecting Plot, Coruscant] Meeting of the Galactic Senate EmptyTue Jun 18, 2013 12:02 am

Meeting of the Galactic Senate

[Galaxy-Affecting Plot, Coruscant] Meeting of the Galactic Senate 347px-10

Several hours after the explosion on Alderaan, an explosion that now has eight confirmed deaths of members of the Jedi Council.... An emergency meeting has been convened to discuss the security of the Republic, and what to do about it. Senators bustled to their small pod-like structures so they could begin the processions as soon as possible. There was an eerie silence in the room, despite containing hundreds of people. This was a serious matter, the Jedi Council doesn't just get bombed without premonition and there are few, if any, survivors.

Chancellor Bosk took the stand as his small pod-like station moved to the center of the room. He was really speechless for the situation, a lot of good people died in the explosion. He had to speak up, propose the bill he has, and let the Senate run its course. If they value safety they'll naturally vote for it, even at the cost of some personal liberties.

"Today we are gathered in light of terrible circumstances. A circumstance that has killed many great men and women who will not be soon forgotten. It appears that eve-" Chancellor Bosk stated, he was literally going off the top of his head, not a smart choice but he was speaking what he truly felt. "Die, Republican scum!" came a shout from behind him, from his own guard. Drawing his blaster, he shot the Chancellor in the back of the head. Chancellor Bosk had no time to react, he fell and slumped over his podium.

The rest of the guard sprang into action and promptly took the man down. The force was excessive, as the assassin promptly died on-scene. It wasn't their job to capture people alive, but to keep the Chancellor alive, and they just as well failed that. Another guard grabbed the senator in a fireman's carry and began to rush him to the medicinal room conveniently located within the building.

Meanwhile the senate was shouting and running for the exits like mice in a cage with an opening. The doors were locked, who'd do such a thing!? As the Senators kept pushing for the exits, fire broke out through the doors as it incinerated anyone it came in contact with. Another bombing! Within mere seconds hundreds of people were killed, who would orchestrate such a plot....?
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[Galaxy-Affecting Plot, Coruscant] Meeting of the Galactic Senate
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