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 Jörun Corda

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Character Name or Character Quote.

I. Information

Account Name: Jörun Corda
Character Number: 1
Other Characters: None

II. Biographical Data

Name: Jörun Corda
Alias(es): Scythe
Nickname: None.
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Species: Kel Dor
Birthplace: The Kel Dor homeworld. (Where else?)
Special Characteristics: Fast learner. Once seen, forever remembered.

III. Physical

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 210 lb. (If you really care about metric measurements, google is a mouse click away.)
Hair Color & Style: N/A
Eye Color & Shape: N/A
Skin Tone: Blood-Orange
Build: Fit, but not appearingly so.
Physical Ability & Limits: Can do what most average Kel Dor and Humans can do. Restricted by the apparati he utilises to see/breathe.
Physical Illness/Ailment: Restrictions placed upon species, regards to breathing/seeing.
Clothing Style: Long, brown, bland, robe is the standard. If he wishes to dress for a event, he will wear a deep maroon robe. Always robes.
Distinguishing Features: Scar on the left forearm.
Voice: Crackly, deep.

IV. Mental

Basic Alignment:
Goal(s): Outer goal: Just survive, but have a hell of a time doing it. Inner goal: Survive.
Objective: Survive.
Defining Characteristics: Cannot tolerate delays, regardless of origin or importance. Grumpy.
Likes: Beautiful scenery. Will kill to get a ride on a ship performing a fly-by on a Naboo plain.
Dislikes: Delays, annoying people, hyperactive people.
Hopes & Desires: Survive.
Fears & Phobias: Fear of the Hunter.
Dirty Secret: Nope.
Attitudes Toward:
-Others: Suspicious, distrusting.
-Homeland: Suspicious, distrusting.

V. Social

Status: Middle Class, but who would know?
Political Alignment: No alignment.
Marital Status: Single, and will stay that way.
Family: Dead.
Hobbies: Running. Sniping. Drawing maps.
Languages: All of them.
Literacy: All of them.

VI. Powers & Abilities

Talents & Skills: Very good learner, excellent memory. Once seen, always remembered.
Force Abilities: None, but trainable. (Not looking to go into Force.)

VII. Background


---------------------------Early life.
Standard Kel Dor life. No problems. Until his 20th year of life, when his younger brother was killed. A year later, his parents were killed. A year later, his elder brother was killed. This meant his family was dead. Ever since his younger brothers death, they always lived in fear. They would learn to be afraid of the Killer, known as the Hunter. (Nothing is known about him, and nothing will ever be known of him.)

He left the Kel Dor Homeworld. Went to many different planets, taking a brief stay in each, learning languages, seeing sights, drawing maps of what he did. His stay was always interrupted by the Hunter's arrival. This is where we find him, on Naboo.

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Jörun Corda
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