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 [INF] Galactic HoloNet

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Galactic HoloNet

The Galactic HoloNet is the galactic holographic network. It is a service provided for free, by local governances and non-profit organizations so all people may communicate freely near instantaneously.

Communications made through the Galactic HoloNet are entirely safe. Encryption is provided as is by a professional service known as MerenData. In other words, no one except those in authority (aforementioned governances) will be able to view any communication. The reason why further cost is added is because privacy is an expected right, and will be provided. Due to this all communications are considered private, and somehow entering them without being invited by a participant, will be considered a breach of law.

Communications are provided on all planets except those that are newly discovered for obvious reasons. Although it would be possible with a particularly strong holonet transceiver. Also planets that are shut off by the local governance, or otherwise blocked will also obviously be shut off from the Galactic HoloNet.

When browsing the Galactic HoloNet it is important to know suffixes before the title. It gives you an immediate idea of what the thread is about, before you read the actual title.


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[INF] Galactic HoloNet
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